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Event Planning

Price List

Below is our price list.

Bartender $50.00 / hour
5 hour minimum includes setup & cleanup  
6 hour minimum on Saturdays  
Bar Back (helper) $50.00 / hour
Suggest bar back for parties of 85 or more people or when glassware is being used  
5 hour minimum / 6 hour minimum on Saturdays  
Food Server $50.00 / hour
Setup / pass food / wash serving equipment / cleanup  
5 hour minimum / 6 hour minimum on Saturdays  
Captain $55.00 / hour
Manages staff / Manages timeline
Strongly recommend if ordering 6 or more staff
Generally required for large events
5 hour minimum / 6 hour minimum on Saturdays  
Mixers/Set-ups for Full Bar $4.95/person (<50 guests); $3.95/person (50+guests)
Includes: tonic, club soda, Rose's lime juice, sour mix,
Bloody Mary mix, and any non-alcoholic products
needed to make specialty drinks requested by client,
soda, juice, garnishes, ice, bottled water, beverage
napkins & stirrers
Mixers/Set-ups for Beer & Wine Bar $4.95/person (<50 guests); $3.95/person (50+guests)
Includes: soda, juice, ice, bottled water, beverage
Glassware $2.95/person
Full Bars include: rock, wine, pint, martini
Beer & Wine Bars include: rock, wine, pint
Champagne glasses available upon request
Table Bar $85.00 each
Includes: 2 tables (raised front bar table plus back table
for glassware), black tablecloths for tables, 3 ice tubs
with white linen, floor protection
Ice Tubs $40.00 per set
Includes 3 ice tubs with white linen
Ice (20 lb. bag) $5.00 each
High Top Cocktail Tables $30.00 each
Includes black or white tablecloth
Coffee Service $2.95/person
Includes: Urns/Air Pots, coffee cups/saucers,
teaspoons, beverage napkins, coffee, tea, cream,
Appetizer Equipment $2.95/person
Includes: small plates (3 per person), forks (3 per
person), cocktail napkins
Chafing Dishes (round or rectangular) $30.00 each
Delivery Charge Starts at $50.00

Sales tax applies to all rentals/products

Please note: Gratuity is NOT included in the above pricing. Holiday rates apply on New Year's Eve & Day / Easter / Mother's Day / Father's Day / 4th of July / Thanksgiving / Christmas Eve & Day.

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